Recruiters can show their true value during the remote working revolution

By Chloe Wing15 April 2021

Work From Home

As the Prime Minister set out his lockdown exit plan this week and the economy starts to open again, many businesses will see this as a return towards normality. But in many ways, the world of work will look very different post-Covid. Alongside the changes the pandemic has forced on us, we now have a chance to create a better labour market – one that can be more flexible than ever before, and flexible in a way that benefits both individuals and their employers.

The pandemic has proved once and for all that for a large proportion of the workforce, they can work just as easily and effectively, if not more so, from home as from the office. Remote working is here to stay, and while there will be challenges to overcome as some people go back to offices, broadly that’s a good thing. The REC’s new Recruitment and recovery report estimates that the long-term increase in remote working could boost UK productivity by around £9 billion – which could be vital in helping the economy recover.

It also opens up new possibilities for businesses looking to hire. With staff working remotely, firms have the option of recruiting people from much further away than before – and one in four (28%) large businesses say they are likely to explore this in future. This means a wider pool of candidates to choose from, and a greater likelihood of finding the perfect person for each vacancy – a huge benefit for both the candidate and the employer.

This kind of step change in hiring practices can only happen with the help of professional recruiters. We already know REC members that are helping clients to recruit in this way – like nGage, whose specialist agencies have been working with clients on flexible working, and highlighting how this can make it easier to recruit a more diverse range of candidates. Some recruiters are also embracing this remote working revolution in their own businesses.

Both clients and candidates will need help navigating this new world – and that’s where the advice of a trusted recruiter can be so valuable. If we really are going to create a more productive and inclusive labour market as we recover from Covid-19, the recruitment industry will need to step up and show people how it can be done.

Article from REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation)

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